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Pixelbranch - Jacob

Hello, my name is Jacob Naegle and Pixelbranch is all about my "creations for you". I have been in the graphic and web design world for over a decade with experience in several areas of Graphic Design & Layout, Print Production, Packaging, Trade Show Booth conceptualization and designs, and of course the core business related materials: logo's, brochures, folders, inserts and posters, of which all are an essential regime to any business at any given time. I recieved my degree in Visual Arts & Communications in 2001 and have since loved the growth and openness that this creative field leads me to.

I have since gained experience into the world of web design, creating websites for Nutri-Health Supplements, Wired-Up Systems LLC, The Preparedness Shop, The Asylum Restaurant in Jerome, The Verde Valley Wine Company & more.

Web Design and it's constant expansion into many mediums of the internet have led me into E-commerce experience, Analytics, Email Marketing, and as well as Mobile Phone Application dabbling.

To sum it up, the Pixelbranch concept is very simple...

  • You have a need for some print or web design services to help grow and prosper your business in a particular way
  • I have a "green thumb" for technology and artistic endeavors, to branch out and meet you in the middle of that need
  • You want an approachable & personable Designer who wants to meet your needs in a professional, timely manner and who won't get all bent out of shape and run away when you want things "tweaked" to your liking
  • I am that Designer
  • You don't want to pay an arm and a leg for something you don't like
  • I don't either, so I will meet you in that common ground where economical need blends with professional and artistic integrity

I hope that makes sense. If not....just keep browsing my site and it soon will. If you like what you see and would like to contact me, click here.

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